Suave, Essentials, Sun-Ripened Strawberry Shampoo

30 fl oz (887 mL)


Fragrance (Parfum)

Provides a distinctive, pleasant smell.

Hexyl Cinnamal

A jasmine-like scent. This ingredient is found in chamomile. It is used for jasmine reconstitution.

Benzyl Butyrate

A fruit-like apple and pineapple scent. It brings fruity facets to floral notes such as jasmine.

Benzyl Acetate

A fruity, banana fragrance reminiscent of jasmine. This ingredient is found in various flowers including jasmine and narcissus.


A soft lavender scent with citrus facets. This ingredient can be found in different oils such as rosewood, coriander, orange and even hô wood oil.
Ingredient descriptions have been provided by Suave