Suave, 24H Protection Anti-Prespirant Deodorant Invisible Solid, Sweet Pea & Violet

2.6 oz (74 g)


Fragrance (Parfum)

Provides a distinctive, pleasant smell.

Dimethyl Phenethyl Butyrate

A sweet and ripe plum scent frequently used to assist in the creation of a ripe plum character.

Methyl Phenylbutanol

A floral, rosy and rosewood note. It is used to create floral notes like the reconstitution of flowers such as lilac or lily of the valley.

P-Anisyl Acetate

A sweet floral anisic spicy scent. This ingredient is found in vanilla. It brings a soft spicy note to mimosa, cassie and heliotrop fragrances.


A floral rose smell with slight citrus nuances. This ingredient is found in many plants like rose and lemongrass.

Dipropylene Glycol

An odorless ingredient that helps dissolve solid fragrance ingredients to blend them with fragrances more easily.


A fresh lavender and lily of the valley scent with a woody touch. It has a fresh character which is very useful in citrus, floral and woody compositions.

Benzyl Acetate

A fruity, banana fragrance reminiscent of jasmine. This ingredient is found in various flowers including jasmine and narcissus.

Dimethylbenzyl Carbinyl Acetate

A unique plum note with a rose and jasmine scent. It adds freshness and lift to almost any floral bouquet. It is also can give a damascon facet to fragrances.

Cyclohexane, 1-(1,1-Dimethylpropyl)-4-Ethoxy-, Cis-

A floral, fresh, watery scent which adds freshness and body to a fragrance and gives an 'outdoors' effect.


A fresh and clean citrus smell. This ingredient provides an alternative to citrus oils.

4-Tert-Butylcyclohexyl Acetate

A complex woody and pear scent which enriches the odor quality of fragrances.

Tepyl Acetate

A transparent jasmine scent with a parsley nuance. It can be used in floral compositions such as jasmine, orange flower, rose or carnation. It also blends well with sandalwood and ambery notes.

Raspberry Ketone

A sweet and powdery raspberry scent. This ingredient is found in some red fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, cranberry and loganberry. It is commonly used to underline red fruit notes.

Ethylene Dodecanedioate

A soft and delicate musk with red fruit facets used to bring a clean and soft smell to fragrances.

Hexahydro-Methanoinden-5-yl Isobutyrate

A fruity, sweet, peach and pineapple scent, used mainly in functional fragrances to give fruity body.


A sweet and milky peach scent. This ingredient can be found in peach, apricot, red fruits and exotic fruits. It is used in many floral and fruity compositions.

Ethyl 2-Methylbutyrate

A mix of strawberry and kiwi scent with a whisky nuance. This ingredient is found in orange juice. It is largely used for fruit reconstitutions such as strawberry, pineapple, apple and red berry.


A herbal lavender note with a citrus floral character. It is derived from an ingredient that occurs in many essential oils such as rose, mint, tangerine and lavender.


A soft lavender scent with citrus facets. This ingredient can be found in different oils such as rosewood, coriander, orange and even hô wood oil.


A floral, lilac and citrus scent.
Ingredient descriptions have been provided by Suave